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85291605104 Hi Kris, I know this may be extremely weird and you may be very busy and I’m sorry if I’m interrupting something but you just happen to be my favourite YouTuber you may be wondering who are you and why don’t you just DM me on instagram the thing is I have social issues and I find messages way easier I just really love what you do and if you message me back for more details I can provide them gladly thank you so much if you’re reading this Kind regards -Huge fan 1 hour ago
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12133402996 Hello, my friend, it’s Tonya. Did you get your invite? I’d love for you to join me (and the ladies of School of Self-Image) for: ???? A Red Hot Holiday Party ???? I’m bringing you behind-the-scenes of how I create a dreamy holiday season. Say no to holiday stress and yes to holiday happiness. RSVP to get the details. https://schoolofselfimage.com/rsvp/ I’ll see you there. Reply STOP to STOP 9 hours ago
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